Indonesia's rate of deforestation is so severe (72% of the original forest has been lost) with the rate of destruction of> 1.6 million hectares per year. As a result almost all parts of Indonesia is prone to natural disasters (85% these disasters are floods and landslides caused by deforestation).

Anyone would feel sad to see the natural phenomenon that occurs in Indonesia to date. Most of us can only deplore the incident. We can make an effort to help reduce damage to forests in a simple way is to plant trees around our neighborhood. Moreover, we are planting seeds that have high economic value, other than to serve as green can also increase revenue.

PT. JATY ARTHAMAS RIZKY has and continues to develop plantations of teak (Agroforestry) in Sukabumi, Cianjur and Garut, West Java. The layout is very strategic region of West Java, the land is fertile and the social conditions of the people are very conducive to investment in the development of a relatively long period of time such as teak plantations and industrial follow.

Also PT. JATY ARTHAMAS RIZKY also has and is ready to cooperate with private agencies, state, local government and private that are ready to participate in helping the greening Indonesia, reducing the effects of global warming while recycling of high value crops.

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